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Are there any plans to bring it to MAC?

MAC and Linux will definitely be included in the full release. I've added a test MAC build. Let me know if you have any issues! 

I like the abilities in this game :) interested to see where it goes.

Thanks a ton!! :) More abilities coming soon! 

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The overall gameplay loop was great! Can't wait to see more upgrade options.

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Thanks! I'm adding more abilities as fast as I can get them out - the plan is to have a class system where you can specialize in damage (Pyromancer) or movement (Warm Air Wizard). I'd like to add more specializations to encourage players supporting each other in groups. 

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Very confused on how use skill points, Found sprint hold shift other then that confused what to do add skill points. Nothing happing when using left or right click icon hiting enter.

Left click on the skill then press "enter" on the keyboard or "a" on a controller. This wasn't clearly marked - I'll add instructions. Thanks for letting me know!